The building, located in Paleo Faliro, about 10 km south of the centre of Athens, fully integrated to its surroundings and deeply respecting the principles of environmental protection, states that a building with conventional architectural design can operate on non-conventional and, most importantly, green energy sources, free from any necessity for fossil fuel consumption, and securing at the same time the quality of life we are all entitled to.

The following technologies are developed and integrated in this building:

• Hot water generation by high-efficiency flat-plate solar collectors for heating and cooling. • Seasonal thermal storage in concrete tanks. • Solar cooling (absorption technology). • Solar-assisted desiccant cooling • Borehole heating / cooling - geothermal (water / water) heat pumps. • Passive energy design (special thermal insulation, orientation, double-glazed panels of low emittance and high reflectance, thermal break aluminium frames, special low-consumption lighting). • In-wall and in-floor heating and cooling. • Pre-heating / cooling of fresh air through double element central air-conditioning units. • Photovoltaic panels. • Centralized automation system with advanced control programming for optimal energy management.

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